Our collection of business grade laptops are lovingly and carefully renewed to ensure you get the best quality second hand laptop at an accessible price point. So if you want to find the best laptop for office use, the best laptop for business or personal use, then you're going to love Australian Computer Traders' extensive range.

Refurbished Laptop FAQ's

What are refurbished laptops?

Refurbished laptops are previously owned laptops that have been inspected, repaired, and restored to their original condition or a like-new state. All ACT’s refurbished laptops go through an extensive QA process to ensure they are performing to the best of their original capabilities. Hint: Always check that the laptop you’re buying is refurbished and not just used. Used laptops do not always go through the same standard of QA testing which means they are not always as reliable.

Are refurbished laptops high quality?

All of our refurbished laptops are restored to grade A quality before they are offered for sale, whether they're business laptops, gaming or designed for general use.

What are the advantages of a refurbished laptop?

Purchasing a refurbished laptop allows you to get a high performance, quality machine for a lower price while also benefiting the environment.

Can I save money by purchasing a refurbished laptop?

Buying pre-owned is a great way to save money, especially if you know where to look for great deals. Hint: You're in the right place! It also allows you to purchase a higher quality laptop that may have been out of your price range when purchasing brand new.

Where to buy refurbished laptops?

With ACT you can shop the best-refurbished laptops for you online. We’re currently shipping our affordable refurbished laptops to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and surrounding regional areas. Or if you’re located in Brisbane, feel free to drop into our East Brisbane store.

Is buying refurbished laptops good for the environment?

Our collection of top quality used laptops isn't just great for your back pocket — it also helps the environment by keeping products out of landfill. When we refurbish your laptop, we only replace components that cannot be restored to their optimal condition. This ensures you get the best laptop, at the best price, while also helping the planet.