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Looking for a reliable renewed Desktop PC? Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Australian Computer Traders (ACT) we have the best deals, and the cheapest prices when it comes to desktop computers.

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Desktop Computer FAQ's

What is a Refurbished Desktop PC?

ACT’s refurbished desktop PCs are PCs that have been used and loved in the past and have now been restored to their original state. Our second hand PCs undergo an extensive QA process to ensure they perform to the best of their original capabilities, so you can get the most out of them.

What is the Difference Between a Refurbished PC and a Refurbished Computer?

Refurbished PCs are computers that exclusively run with a Windows operating system, whereas refurbished computers can have a range of different operating systems including MacOS, Mac OSX Ventura, Windows 10, Windows 11 and more.

How Can I Choose The Best Desktop PC?

We stock 100's of different makes and models of desktop computers, and we understand that sometimes choosing the best desktop computer to suit your needs can be a little challenging. That's why we've created the Ultimate Refurbished Desktop Buying Guide to help take the guess work out of picking your next PC. Within our comprehensive guide, we go through the benefits of choosing refurbished desktops, the best brands to check out, the difference between the form factors and key features to consider. As always, if you have any questions that haven't been answered, you're welcome to reach out to our dedicated customer support team on 1300 727 516 any time Monday – Friday between 7:30AM – 4PM AEST.