About Us

Our Journey and Expertise

Since our inception in 1993, Australian Computer Traders (ACT) has grown to become Australia's premier and most trusted trader in ex-government and business-grade computers. Our specialisation in the remarking of IT assets has positioned us at the forefront of providing high-quality and affordable refurbished IT equipment. Our clientele spans across various sectors, including retail, business, education, government, and international markets. 

Comprehensive IT Solutions

ACT is more than just a computer retailer. From humble beginnings, we have expanded our portfolio to include a wide array of IT products and services. Our range extends from desktop computers to cutting-edge laptops, mobile phones, Windows tablets and iPads, networking hardware, and essential IT accessories. We proudly offer world-class brands such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Apple, among others.

Commitment to Quality and Service

With nearly three decades of experience, we are recognised as an authorised dealer (License #11912) in the second-hand market. Our reputation for quality products and first-class service is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our 'no fuss' approach in assisting customers reflects our dedication to providing hassle-free and comprehensive solutions. 

Our Role in the ACT Group

Australian Computer Traders (ACT) serves as the dynamic retail arm of the ACT Group, a consortium renowned for its comprehensive solutions in information and communication technology (ICT). We have evolved into a pivotal component of the group, dedicated to delivering high-quality, refurbished ICT products to a diverse customer base.

ACT Group's Integrated Operations

  • ACT Logistics: The core of the group's operations, focusing on the acquisition, secure transportation, auditing, storage, redeployment, and sanitisation of retired ICT assets. The division expertly navigates the complex journey of the assets, ensuring they are remarketed through both domestic and international channels. 
  • ACT Networks: Specialising in data centre and networking equipment, this division is adept at refurbishing and remarketing vital components like servers, switches, firewalls, post-data sanitisation aligned with global best practices. 

Our commitment to Quality and Sustainability

As the retail face of the ACT Group, Australian Computer Traders offers an opportunity for businesses and consumers to access these meticulously restored IT assets. Our inventory spans new and refurbished desktop computers, laptops, monitors, accessories, peripherals, and software, which are all backed by full warranties. We take pride in our sustainable approach, ensuring that every product we offer aligns with our environmental responsibility standards. Furthermore, our buyback program allows staff to purchase their work computers, reflecting our commitment to circular economy principles in the ICT sector. 

Local and Global Reach

Our headquarters in Brisbane is Australia's leading provider of refurbished IT and ICT products, offering unparalleled distribution capabilities. We efficiently deliver to every part of Australia, from major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, to the most remote areas of the country, ensuring accessibility and prompt service. Our global reach extends to New Zealand, the South-Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. This solidifies our position as a key player in the internation market for high-quality, refurbished technology solutions. 

Visit and Connect

Discover our range of products and services at our retail store located at 911 Stanley Street, East Brisbane, QLD 4169. For enquiries or specific needs, reach out to our team on 1300 727 516, or via email. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with our latest offerings and news. 


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