Refurbishment Process & Quality Grading Explained

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality electronic devices. We specialise in reconditioning and renewing desktop computers, laptops, tablets & phones, accessories such as docking stations, and more. We’ve developed a simple guide below to help our customers become familiar with the refurbished device grading terms, as well as the process that all of our devices go through prior to becoming available for sale.

Refurbished Device Grading

While there are quite a few different types of grading when it comes to refurbished devices, we typically only deal with two types. These are Grade A & Grade B. 

Grade A:

Refurbished Grade A is the highest quality grade of refurbished devices available. When a product has been graded as A Grade, it means that the device has been renewed to be ‘as good as new’. As is to be expected with second-hand goods, there may some signs of fair wear and tear present, which may mean minor scratches or dents present.

Grade B:

Refurbished Grade B is the second grading given to refurbished electronic devices. This grading generally means that the device may have some cosmetic signs of previous use such as marks on the screen, dints, slightly worn keys or trackpad and heavy scratches. The device may have BIOS Lock or have under 80% original battery (minimum is 50% battery health). You can explore our B-Grade Laptops and B-Grade iPhones range to enjoy further discounts on our refurbished business-grade devices.

The sorts of defects that could be expected when purchasing one of our Value+ Laptops include:

  • Keyboard imprints on LCD screen
  • Scratches, scuffs, or dents on the laptop's case
  • Shiny keys or shiny surfaces around the keyboard and trackpad areas
  • Visible signs of wear & tear
  • Batteries may be under 80% health (minimum is 50% battery health)
  • Units may have a BIOS lock

Our Refurbishment Process 

All of our devices go through our rigorous refurbishment process prior to dispatch. There are several procedures that we’ve put in place to ensure the best possible quality for our customers. We have created a simple list detailing our refurbishing process below. More information can be found within our Complete Refurbishment Journey article.

  1. Data Wiping

    Our logistics department prioritise privacy by thoroughly wiping all previous user data from the hard drive of the device before any refurbishing can commence. We have a partnership with world leading data sanitisation brand Blancco. We use their products to deliver a tamper-proof audit trail that certifies the destruction of sensitive information while leaving the hard drive or mobile device reusable. In simple terms, this means that the hard drive has no traces of the previous data. 
  2. Diagnostic Testing

    All devices go through our thorough diagnostic testing process, which identifies any hardware issues that may need to be addressed. During this testing process, if we discover any faulty components, then these are replaced with new or used original parts to ensure that the device is in excellent working condition.
  3. Software Installation

    We understand the importance of having a computer that is ready to use right out of the box. That's why we install the latest operating system, to make sure the refurbished device will operate and function correctly. We use only official versions of operating systems, that are provided directly by the software developer. These images are not modified, or tampered with in any way. When you receive your refurbished device, it will be an ‘out of the box’ experience. This means that you’ll need to set up the device using your credentials, assuring you that no additional software (apart from the operating system) has been installed prior to you receiving the device.
  4. Cosmetic Appearance

    We take pride in the appearance of our refurbished devices. Prior to dispatch, we clean the exterior and interior (when possible) so your device operates well and looks as new as a second-hand device could possibly look. Our goal is to make sure that you are happy with the refurbished device that you receive.
  5. Final Testing

    Our final testing process ensures that your refurbished device meets our high-quality standards. We put your device through rigorous performance testing to ensure that it can handle everyday use without any issues.
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