How Buying Second Hand Is Good For The Environment

Sustainable Computers & Electronics

The amount of electronic waste or e-waste generated globally has increased to millions of tonnes in recent years. This poses a serious threat to the environment due to the number of toxic components in each discarded piece of electronic equipment.

As Australia’s largest and most respected supplier of refurbished ex-government IT equipment, Australian Computer Traders helps reduce e-waste by offering buyers quality and affordable secondhand PCs, laptops, tablets, and computer accessories. By promoting the recycling and sale of refurbished equipment, we help consumers cut down on their costs and e-waste.

Reducing e-waste in landfills

Laptop production consumes an incredible amount of resources and generates significant pollution. When a laptop gets discarded rather than repaired after prolonged use, it joins millions of other equipment already crowding landfills all over the world. These electronics take hundreds of years to decompose and release toxins into the environment in the process.

A foolproof way to decrease e-waste is to refrain from buying new units every time the need for a laptop arises. Instead, Australian Computer Traders helps consumers find functional refurbished laptops from world-leading brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and more to avoid contributing to the global e-waste volume.

Better value for money

Recycling used equipment isn’t only eco-friendly. It’s also more economical.

While refurbished laptops and computers can show some signs of use, Australian Computer Traders restores used equipment to Grade A level so they operate almost like brand-new units with similar comprehensive features and specifications, but at a fraction of the cost. This is ideal for individuals and businesses with a limited budget for their tech needs. Companies especially can afford more IT equipment for their offices by choosing to go the electronic recycling route.

Reduce the demand for computer production and resource mining

Currently, only 17.4% of e-waste is collected for recycling. That number can improve once people learn about electronic recycling’s benefits to their pockets and the environment. Australian Computer Traders works to increase consumer demand for renewed equipment, so there’s less incentive for tech brands to produce new units — meaning less mining of raw minerals and resources and more focus on recycling used equipment to optimise and prolong their use.