Windows 11 Update - Version 22H2

Author: Luke Adkins  Date Posted: 11 November 2022 

Update - 07/08/23 - The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) issue has been resolved in Windows 11.

We are aware of issues within the latest Windows 11 core update, version 22H2, that are causing several issues for users who use the Windows 11 operating system.  

In Microsoft's update health status article, they outline the current known issues with Windows releases, and provide updates once the issue/s are being investigated and have been resolved.

The largest issue that we've come across from this Windows update relates to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which allows remote connections within a domain. 

This feature is widely used by businesses who operate across multiple or remote locations. If you Work From Home (WFH) and connect to your work domain via RDP or a VPN, you will most likely be affected by this issue. 

The simplest solution to resolve this RDP related issue is to roll back to the previous version of Windows (reverse the update). 

1. Press Win key + X together > Select 'Settings'. This will open the System menu. 

2. Scroll down and click 'Recovery' then click the 'Go Back' button. 

3. Select reason for going back/downgrade, then click 'Next'. 

4. Click 'No Thanks' when asked to Check for Updates. 

5. Click 'Next' in the following two prompts, then click 'Go Back To Earlier Build', to complete the download.  

Detailed instructions can be found in this article by Pureinfotech. 

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