Apple's new iPhone 15 to feature USB-C charging port

Author: Luke Adkins  Date Posted: 5 September 2023 

Lightning Connector (left) & USB-C Connector (right)
Lightning Connector (left) & USB C Connector (right)

The new Apple iPhone 15 is to be unveiled on September 13th at around 3AM AEST. It will feature a USB-C charging port, which will likely be the biggest upgrade that the iPhone series has seen within the last few years. 

Apple released it's current charging connector, the lightning connector, on September 12, 2012. It was first implemented on the iPhone 5, and replaced the 30-pin dock style connector at the time. All of our Refurbished Apple iPhones use the current standard; Lightning connection. While the lightning connector was an upgrade from the older 30-pin style connector at the time, Apple has made no improvements within the last 11 years to their charging and data transfer cable and connector. 

The move to switch charging connectors has come in effect as a new European Union law requires phone manufacturers to adopt a common charging connection by December 2024. This new law has been passed as a way to save consumers money, and cut down on the amount of e-waste hitting landfills. 

Most new Apple products, such as the latest iPads are already using the USB-C type connection, although the company had advocated against the EU regulation arguing that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world. While this may be true, if Apple had plans to innovate their charging connector, then perhaps they should have made a move in the last 11 years, rather than holding onto their sub-par proprietary standard.

There are already Lightning to USB-C adapters available from various electronics manufactures, so those with older devices or accessories will be able to adapt them using the new USB-C standard.   

Lightning VS USB-C: USB-C Is Significantly Faster & More Durable

  Lightning USB-C
Transfer Speeds Up to 480 Mb/s Up to 40 Gb/s
Comparison to USB Standards Comparable to USB 2.0 USB 4 Support


Unlike the USB standard, which offers its specifications and information publicly, Apple themselves don't release all specifications for its proprietary technology, so it's unclear what exactly Lightning's maximum transfer speed is. With that being said, Apple hasn't updated the protocol since its release back in 2012, so its likely that its functionality has changed since.  As USB-C is a larger and arguably stronger connector type, we've found that USB-C cables generally outlast Lightning connectors.   

Final Verdict: USB-C is a Welcome Change as it's a Better Connector

Durability debates aside, the USB-C connection is superior to Lighting in almost every way. It offers faster and more reliable data transfer rates, wider device compatibility and increased power delivery for fast-charging. We are pleased to see Apple finally change from their proprietary connector after all the years, and are glad that the European Union have passed this new law for the mobile industry to adopt a global standard, and help reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills across the world. 

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