Windows Watchdog Violation Stop Error

The Watchdog violation issue is related to driver and compatibility issues within Windows. If you're using a USB Wi-Fi dongle, and are running a Telstra router, then this article may help resolve your issue. There is a setting in the Telstra Wi-Fi router called 'Protected Management Frames (PMF)', this setting will need to be disabled to resolve this issue.

How To Log Into Your Telstra Wi-Fi Router

  1. To log into your router, simply connect your PC to your router via an Ethernet cable and access a web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc) then enter one of the following addresses into the URL search: 

    If you have a Telstra Smart Modem (NBN) then the address to access is: or http://telstra.gateway

    If you have a Telstra Cable or ADSL Modem, then the address to access is: or http://telstra.gateway
  2. Then access the Advanced menu within the router and select Wi-Fi.
  3. Scroll down to Protected Management Frames or PMF. 
  4. Set to disabled and press the save settings option.

Click here to see the Modem Wi-Fi PMF Settings from Telstra 

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