Do you need a fast laptop for video editing or gaming? Then try one of Dell's i7 laptops. These are fitted with an i7 processor to provide you with years of fast and reliable use. The i7 processor can handle large programs like video editing software, streaming 4 K movies, and even most games. The processor often comes with a high price tag, but we have several affordable options today. All of our laptops are lovingly refurbished to provide you with a high-quality laptop without the price tag.

Dell uses an i7 processor in several of its laptops, including the Latitude and Precision. They come in a variety of models, including 2-in-1s and touch screens, that allow you to make the most of your purchase. Plus, they are backed with a twelve-month warranty for peace of mind.

Check out our best value refurbished Dell i7 laptops

Below are our best deals on Dell i7 refurbished laptops. We have a variety of traditional, 2-in-1, and touchscreen Dells for you to choose from, including several varieties of the Latitude model.