Apple Audio Issues

No sound from your Mac? Here's the quick guide to getting your tunes back:

  1. Check App Volume: Ensure in-app volume isn't muted or at the lowest setting.
  2. Try Another Source: Play a different file, CD, or DVD, or test the original on a different device to pinpoint the issue.

For Built-in Speakers

  • Disconnect Other Devices:
    • Remove any connected headphones or external speakers.
  • Adjust Settings:
    • Navigate to Apple menu > System Settings > Sound.
    • Select Output and ensure your Mac's speakers are chosen with the volume slider up and mute unchecked.

For External Speakers via Audio Output Port

  • Connection Check:
    • Ensure speakers are connected to your Mac's audio output port and powered on. Adjust their volume if needed.
  • Select Speakers:
    • Go to Apple menu > System Settings > Sound.
    • In Output, choose your external speakers from the device list.

For USB Speakers

  • Select USB Speakers:
    • Navigate to Apple menu > System Settings > Sound > Output.
    • Choose your USB speakers.
  • Verify Connection:
    • Hold Option and open Apple menu > System Information.
    • Click USB in Hardware to see if the speakers are recognised. Reconnect them if necessary.

For Display's Built-in Speakers

  • Remove any external audio devices.
  • Ensure display cables are connected to your Mac.
  • Go to Sound settings as above and select your display speakers.

Apple Audio Issues FAQ's

How do I get sound back on my Mac?

Check the volume in your app and try a different audio source. Ensure your Mac's speakers are selected in the Sound settings and that the volume is turned up and not muted

What should I do if my Mac's built-in speakers aren't working?

Disconnect any external audio devices, go to Sound settings, select 'Output,' and choose your Mac's speakers

My external speakers are connected to my Mac but there's no sound. What now?

Confirm the speakers are powered on, the volume is up, and they are selected as the output device in your Mac's Sound settings

I'm using USB speakers with my Mac and can't hear anything. What's wrong?

Make sure they are chosen as the output device in Sound settings. Verify they appear in the USB section under System Information

How do I troubleshoot audio issues with my Mac's digital receiver?

nsure the receiver is connected with an optical digital cable and set for digital input. Adjust volume directly on the receiver as Mac controls will be disabled

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