Product Guide & Care

1. Choosing the Right Device

We offer just about all types of computers, so it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right computer for your needs. Our comprehensive Buying Guide section will be your best resource when it comes to choosing the best device for your situation, however we've also summarised the guide for you below:

Types Of Refurbished Computers We Offer: 


Best For: On-the-go professionals, students, and travellers.
Advantages: Portable, versatile, and rechargeable. 
Drawbacks: May offer less power when compared to a desktop computer, and usually offer less upgrade options.

2-in-1 Laptops

Best For: Users looking for the flexibility of a tablet and the power and functionality of a laptop. 
Advantages: Versatile, touchscreen function, and can be used as either a laptop or tablet.
Drawbacks: May not offer as many upgrade options and power as a traditional laptop.

2 in 1 laptops

Desktop Computers

Best For: Power users, gamers, and professionals who require the most performance per dollar spent.  
Advantages: High performance hardware and more efficient hardware cooling, upgradable components, can offer longer lifespans. 
Drawbacks: Not portable, consume more energy, require peripherals such as monitor, keyboard & mouse. 

Desktop Computers

AIO Desktops

Best For: Home offices, design studios, and public kiosks. 
Advantages: Space-saving design with built-in monitor, clean aesthetic, and fewer cables.
Drawbacks: Limited upgrade options available, typically more expensive than a stand-alone desktop tower.

AIO Desktop Computers


Best For: Casual users, on-the-go fieldwork, media consumption, and popular with children. 
Advantages: Very portable, touchscreen function, great for consuming media, drawing, and other specific apps.
Drawbacks: Limited processing power and not ideal for heavy multitasking.


2. After-Purchase Care

Congratulations on your refurbished device purchase from Australian Computer Traders! Properly caring for your device can go a long way in helping to extend the lifespan of your refurbished Laptop, Desktop, All-In-One (AIO), 2-in-1 Laptop, and Tablets. Here's a quick guide to help you take the best care of your new gadget. 

Laptops & 2-in-1 Laptops:


Use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen and keyboard. Tech Tips: We recommend keeping food and drinks away from your laptop, as crumbs and liquids that fall inside the keyboard & trackpad may cause these devices to malfunction. It is also not recommended to vacuum a keyboard, as this can cause static electricity that can damage electronic components. 

Battery Care:

When the battery reaches 100% charge, it's recommended to unplug the AC adapter and let the battery drain to prolong the battery's lifespan. Tech Tip: While Lithium-Ion batteries do not have a memory effect, overcharging may decrease the battery's lifespan. Some business-grade laptops offered by brands like Lenovo have charging limits within the BIOS that you can enable to stop the battery charging to 100%.

Desktops & AIO:


Keep your device in a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating issues from occurring. Tech Tip: If your desktop computer is up against a wall or cabinet, we recommend allowing at least 10 cm-15 cm distance for the exhaust.


Regularly cleaning the dust from inside a PC tower will not only improve performance, but will help to increase the lifespan of the computer's components. Tech Tip: We recommend using compressed air to blow dust out. You should never use a vacuum cleaner, as these can cause static electricity, which can damage electronic components. 


Screen Protector:

Applying a screen protector to the touchscreen of a tablet can help prevent scratches from appearing on the glass.

Software Updates:

Regularly updating apps & and the operating system will help to keep your tablet running smoothly. 

General Tips For All Devices:

Software Updates:

Installing the latest software updates will help to keep your device running smoothly. Software updates not only help improve the speed of applications, but updates can also include new features as well as the latest security patches to keep you safe from new threats that may occur. 


Regularly backing up your data to the cloud or to a local storage device such as an external hard drive will help ensure that if your device stops working, that your important data files aren't lost. 


How can I optimise the performance of my refurbished computer?

Installing the latest Windows updates can help keep your device running smoothly, and safe from new online threats that may appear. Ensure C: has 25% storage capacity available on hard drive.  

What backup options do you recommend to safeguard my data?

We recommend signing in to Microsoft's OneDrive application to keep user data files such as Documents, Pictures and Videos backed up to the Microsoft cloud. In addition, you can keep a copy of critical files stored locally on a device such as USB external hard drive. 

How can I recycle or dispose of my old computer responsibly? 

Australian Computer Traders recommend that you dispose of your old computers, and any other electronic devices, in an environmentally friendly manner. If you're local to the Brisbane area, you're welcome to drop your old devices off to our East Brisbane retail store to have the device recycled correctly. Alternately, many local council-operated Resource Recovery Centres accept e-waste. We recommend that you back up and remove all of your personal data file prior to disposing of electronic assets. 

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