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Dive into our extensive collection of top-quality secondhand desktop and laptop computer parts at Australian Computer Traders (ACT). We offer an impressive range of reliable new & used components from industry giants like Asus, AMD, Intel, MSI, Nvidia, Seagate, Western Digital, and more!

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PC Parts FAQ's

Will used PC Parts purchased from Australian Computer Traders come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our used PC parts include a standard 12-month warranty. More information can be found within our Warranty & Returns Policy

Are secondhand computer parts good value?

Purchasing secondhand PC parts are not only good value for your pocket, but also for the environment. Majority of the time, computer components still have many years of life left in them, and by purchasing used parts, you give these components new life and purpose. The environment will thank you for this as well, as mining resources to produce new components takes a toll on our environment. You can find more information by visiting our “How Buying Second Hand Is Good For The Environment” article.