Business vs. Consumer PCs & Laptops

Benefits of an Ex-Government PC over a consumer grade PC.

Computer manufacturers split up their product categories into two distinct lines: business grade and consumer grade. Consumer grade PC’s are designed to be cheap to manufacture and as such are made from cheaper materials. Business grade PC’s are designed to be used 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and are built to last longer than consumer grade PC’s. Here at Australian Computer Traders we sell ex-government business grade computers which are of the highest quality and reliability.

Build quality

Commercial grade computers are made from metal alloys, aluminium and other hard wearing materials that give a level of durability that a consumer PC cannot match.


Most business grade LCD’s have a matte-finish that does not reflect glare like glossy monitors do. This provides a better viewing experiencing and improved visibility in sunlight.

Hard drive

Commercial grade computers generally use a 7200 rpm drive over a 5400rpm drive which results in faster boot times, quicker file transfers and application performance.


Many enterprise grade models feature a spill-proof keyboard which is resistant against everyday wear.

Biometric security

Fingerprint authentication adds and an extra layer of security to your device, preventing unauthorised access.

Windows 7

Whether it's specific software requirements or older hardware that you still need to use, some people require Windows 7. As a rule, we recommend Windows 10 on most of our computers, but there is definitely still a requirement for Windows 7 in the world. Our refurbished machines are mostly able to be loaded with 7, meaning you don't have to make the jump just yet. Keep in mind though, Windows 7 Support will be ending in January 2020.


Business grade computers are designed with upgradability in mind with easy access to RAM slots and hard drive bays. Most of our desktop units don't even require tools to upgrade!